Hope Thru Hoops - Flagship program

Hi5’s flagship program, ‘Hope Through Hoops’ is a four year, multi-level, and high-quality program. This program creates an opportunity for the kids to learn basketball through professional coaching that follows our in-house curriculum. Hi5 Youth Foundation currently supports over 1200 students across 13 BMC schools, 1 YMCA center, and 1 residential school, trained and coached by nearly 15 basketball coaches across all centres.

‘Hope Thru Hoops’ has three sub-programs under it :

Salient features:

  • In a month, the aim is to complete 24 sessions, spanning about one and a half hour each.
  • There are four levels of study: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Elite
  • At Centres that have 2 levels, beginner and intermediate, there are 100 students in total, 60 beginners and 40 intermediate students.
  • This program is meant for students belonging to the age group of 9 to 18 years.
  • Students are provided with free snacks after every session.
  • Hi5 Youth Foundation also distributes jerseys, socks and shoes to each enrolled students. Students leave the shoes in the premises and take the socks and jerseys back home with them to be washed and brought for the next session.
  • Students also learn important life-skills through play like decision-making, discipline, cleanliness, kindness, teamwork, sharing, time management and more.
  • Through this program, we hope to produce India’s next generation of elite basketball players!

Here are the four levels in the Hope Thru Hoops program: