Tamil Nadu | 2023-24

The Mahakavi Bharathiyar Higher Secondary School at Kasuva centre is a free school with classes from Balwadi (Pre-KG) up to Std XII for children from Sevalaya’s Home for destitute children as well as underprivileged children from nearby 40+ villages in Thiruvallur District. The children are provided with quality education completely free of cost and they are also provided with textbooks, notebooks and uniforms. Transport to and from the school is also free for primary school children. Here Hi 5 has taken over the basketball program to enhance the quality of training.

Type of Program : School Program Residential Program Type of Court : Full Court Half Court

Sr No. Center Starting Year Girls Boys Total
1 Mahakavi Bhartiyar Higher Secondary School, Sevalaya
2023-24 89 145 234
Total 89 145 234