Hi 5’s “Hope thru Hoops” program made a very unique beginning when a group of basketball players called “Deccan Dunkers” ( a group of corporate professionals in hi-tech industry who are playing together for last 25 years, also hail from Hyderabad) in the San Francisco bay area were inspired by Mumbai’s Hi 5 program in late 2018. They wanted a Hi 5 chapter in Hyderabad, because they were already involved in helping zilla parishad schools for education in the Hyderabad area. Therefore, discussions turned into actions. With the help of Deccan Dunkers network and Hi 5’s contact with the Government of Telangana – Hyderabad began to take shape.

After multiple visits to Hyderabad and meeting various stakeholders, we found very good partners in Krushi Home and Tribal Department of Govt. of Telangana to start our program.

Hi 5 is training 348 children in Zilla Parishad schools, Jinnaram Tribal school and Krushi Home in Hyderabad,and 2100 children overall including Mumbai and Kolkata. It is one of the largest grassroots basketball program for the underprivileged completely FREE!

Our Partners in Hyderabad :

Continental Coffee Ltd.

Friends of Mill Valley, California, USA

In Hyderabad, we had to build infrastructure at all the centres for smooth conduct of the program. Unlike Mumbai We did not have some ready infrastructure in any of the centres.

New Court at Krushi Home

Inaugurated in June 2019

Synthetic Surface | Flood Lights

New Court at Jinnaram Tribal School

Inaugurated in January 2020

Synthetic Surface | Flood Lights | Stadium Seating | Fencing

New Half Court at Zila Parishad School, Gowdavally

Inaugurated in February 2020

Synthetic Surface | Acrylic Board | Spring Ring

New Half Court at Zila Parishad School, Athvally

Inaugurated in February 2020

Synthetic Surface | Acrylic Board | Spring Ring | Fencing