If you love sports, have played sports in school or college or have some time on weekends or weekdays, then join us at Hi5 Youth Foundation to make lives of underprivileged children better, every day!

We have enormous talent among our 1400 children across Centres in Mumbai and they would love you to join them on the basketball court. They are looking for super role models like you who can make a difference in their lives and love frequent visitors! Come visit us and see our kids in action and let us know how you would like to help.

We are also looking for great writers, photographers, professionals in marketing, IT, finance or teaching – we need your expertise for our young staff. Let us know your area of interest and let’s connect! (Remember: Even if you live in a city other than Mumbai, we can still work together!)

To become a HI 5 volunteer, get in touch at vol.hi5youth@gmail.com

Areas where you can contribute, are;
Coaching and Tournament planning Starting Hi5 students chapter in Institutions/colleges Fundraising & networking
Corporate matching or organizing workshop Planning exchange programs Marketing & campaigning