I treated it like every day was my last day with basketball.
LeBron James

Program Partner

The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai

The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (formerly and commonly known as the Bombay Municipal Corporation or BMC): Hi5 started its very first center under its flagship program umbrella - ‘Hope Thru Hoops’ in association with BMC. In 2015, Hi5 launched its program in Mumbai for underprivileged children and with word of mouth connected with Head of Physical Education - Mr. Rameshwar Lohe. With the impact program structure and necessary documents in place, BMC permitted Hi5 to run its flagship program in their schools in Mumbai. It has been an amazing journey with BMC and its officials have always been cooperative with our team to implement our impact program for the development of the children from low-income areas. Started with 9 centers, 600+ children in 2015 to now have served more than 1200+ children in 12 centers in our multi-year multi-level basketball program. The municipal school children in the program have performed tremendously well in the field of basketball with 70+ podium finishes, year on year, competing against elite private schools teams of Mumbai. Over the years, all these municipal center programs were supported by BookASmile (a social initiative of BookMyShow)

Sant Shri Gadge Maharaj Ashram Trust

Hi5’s association with Sant Gadge Maharaj Ashram School started in 2016-17, with a vision to provide an alternate pathways to success to tribal children through sports i.e. Basketball. These ashram shalas are residential schools started in tribal areas of Maharashtra by the blessing of Sant Gadge Maharaj to provide free meals for education to tribal children, who otherwise don’t have access to education due to lack of financial resources. In 2016, Hi5 started its basketball program in one of the schools of Gadge Maharaj Ashram Shala in Vajreshwari Village. This school is run by Mr. Anil Awate, residential director, Gadge Maharaj Ashram School - home to about 450 tribal children, who live on campus and get education in the school attached. Since the program's inception, over 200 children (half of them being girls) have been trained and have got exposure through tournaments. These children are very athletic by nature and have instinct to do well in life, with little guidance, financial support and training from Hi5 enabled

Association Saikorian

Association Saikorian is a group (/alumni) of the Sainik School, Korukonda. Currently run by ex-army/ex-navy/entrepreneurs as office bearers, having projects in Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam and Krishnaveni. In Telangana, Hyderabad chapter of Association Saikorian is known by the name - “Krushi Home” - an orphanage for 100+ children. Children here at Krushi Home are provided with meals, education support including tuition, health care, clothes and all the other daily essentials. Hi5’s collaboration with Association Saikorian (Krushi Home) started in 2018-19, with the help of Raju Reddy sir from USA as a part of our expansion of the basketball excellence program in Telangana state. At Krushi Home, Hi5 has built a basketball full-court for training children at Krushi Home, who also go to nearby Zilla Parishad School for education. With the collaboration, we expanded to two Zilla Parishad Schools in close proximity to the Krushi Home location and have been training 250+ children in basketball. Hi5 has also built half courts at both of these Zilla Parishad schools and have been training both girls & boys in batches.

Parivaar NGO

Parivaar started with a mission to bring about transformation in lives of suffering humanity through earnest humanitarian work, and in particular change the lives of destitute and vulnerable children and youth in a loving and caring environment. Parivaar is West Bengal’s largest free residential educational institution for children from highly impoverished backgrounds, with 2100 + children (tribal/rural/orphans/street kids) living on campus. Hi5’s association with Parivaar started in 2019 via our founder’s network and since then Hi5 has built 2 full-courts, one each in boys & girls campus, training 150+ children daily.

Telangana Tribal Welfare Residential Education Institutions (TSWREIS):

TSWREIS institutions are run by Telangana State under the Ministry of Tribal Welfare, Govt. of Telangana to provide free education to children from tribal regions in need. There are about 187 of such schools in Telangana and Hi5 in 2019 has partnered with one of the schools of TSWREIS i.e. Jinnaram village TSWREIS. The school is home to about 1000 children, getting education, meals, accommodation and all other basic utilities/stationary required for daily living. Children in this school are very athletic by nature as they have lived in hardships all their lives and are willing to put lots of effort to ensure they come out of it.

Chembur Childrens Home

CCH is a state run home for runaway/destitute/orphan children set up under the Bombay Children Act by government. The home is located in the heart of Mumbai and provides children with meals, education, NCC training, counseling, accomodation and health care facilities under one roof. Hi5 association with CCH started in the year 2017 with building a basketball court at the campus and to provide home children an alternate pathway to succeed in life through basketball training. Children at CCH follow rigorous routines and have the instinct to do well in life. With Hi5’s basketball program these children were able to experience success and get exposure by visiting in various tournaments.

Eklavya Model Residential School (EMRS)

Eklavya Model Residential School (EMRS) is run under the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Govt. of India to provide free education to children from tribal regions. Hi5 started its partnership with EMRS in 2023.

Ramakrishna Mission (RKM)

Ramakrishna Mission (RKM), started by Swami Vivekananda in 1897, is dedicated to providing quality education and healthcare to children across its schools in India. Hi5 started its partnership with RKM Partnered in 2023.