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John Wooden

Hoop it up


Hi5’s annual Intra Hi5 tournament, organised every year for all children in ‘Hope Thru Hoops’ program training across different centers, under different categories (U12, U14, U16 and U18) to showcase their basketball skills.

Dates for 2019-20 Season

Under 16 (Boys & Girls) - 28th Dec, 2019

Above 16 (Boys & Girls) - 29th Dec, 2019

Under 11 (Girls) & Under 14 (Girls) Division 2 - 19th Feb, 2020

Under 14 (Girls) Division 1 - 22nd Feb, 2020

Under (Boys) Division 1 - 23rd Feb, 2020

Under 11 (Boys) - 29th Feb, 2020

Under 14 (Boys) Division 2 - 1st March 2020



The Jr. NBA tournament is the official youth basketball tournament of the NBA. It helps encourage and support youth basketball participation at the grassroots level and improve the overall youth basketball experience for all participants.

Date - 12th Feb to 16th Feb, 2020