Hoop it Up - Student tournaments

Hoop It Up gives students at Hi5 an opportunity to play competitively and hone their skills in basketball at a intra-level. It’s a platform to prepare themselves for district-level matches because they get an idea of how a basketball is actually played in a competitive match. Student teams of Under-13 & Under-16 (boys and girls) are formed at all the centers and they come together to play for the tournaments. These tournaments are organized annually by Hi5 Youth Foundation.

Hoop It Up 2017

  • In February, 21 teams from across centres in Mumbai participated in Hoop It Up.
  • 5 teams of Under-16 Boys, 8 teams of Under-13 Girls, 8 teams of Under-13 Boys played against each other.
  • Conducted over two weekends, the tournament was successful with a trophy distribution ceremony held after!
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